Paddle boarding is peaceful on a calm lake. The cumulous clouds reflect on the water. Good quads and core workout.
Minneapolis airport definitely has marketing skills. Device chargers, tables with i pads (to order food or surf the web) AT the gate. Uptown.
1933 fire damaged cottage during rebuild. We salvaged enough thick redwood siding to side 3 sides. The back will be new rough 1x 12 boards.
Los Gallitos restaurant before a movie with friends.

Interesting construction details.
Soda can pulls in the Ojibwa skirt?
Wolf in Ojibwa?
The Parr homestead
A lakeful peace.
Paddle boarded today across calm waters with cumulous clouds reflecting in the water. Peaceful.

Construction phase. Footings poured, plumbing laid, the space filled with rocks, old concrete piers and unwanted tiles before the sand. Then a dyed concrete floor poured, smoothed, and cut to look paver tiles. A bit of extra concrete was made into stepping stones.

Pudding Creek beach at low tide, littered with the bodies of Sailor by the Winds, those oval blue and translucent jelly fish who unpredictably are beached then quickly dehydrate to the translucent skeletons before crumbling into the sands.
2nd beach north of Ward Ave walking towards 10 mile beach. Sand dollars, most broken.
Inglenook Fen, a pond amongst the sand dunes.