Construction phase. Footings poured, plumbing laid, the space filled with rocks, old concrete piers and unwanted tiles before the sand. Then a dyed concrete floor poured, smoothed, and cut to look paver tiles. A bit of extra concrete was made into stepping stones.

Pudding Creek beach at low tide, littered with the bodies of Sailor by the Winds, those oval blue and translucent jelly fish who unpredictably are beached then quickly dehydrate to the translucent skeletons before crumbling into the sands.
2nd beach north of Ward Ave walking towards 10 mile beach. Sand dollars, most broken.
Inglenook Fen, a pond amongst the sand dunes.

Salmon fishing on the Telstar out of Noyo Harbor with Dave, friends Steve and Daisy, Captain Randy Thornton and his son and nephew, Garrett and Josh,as crew. Most of the passengers got limits. I won the pot for the largest King salmon at 27 lb 11 oz—-significantly bigger than my usual delivery.
Barbecuing the bones now. Yum.

Redneck day. Big truck to the reservoir for a ride in nephew’s shiny, sleek speed boat. Nice to fly over the water and get an overview of the lake. Then for my first real ATV adventure on the East side if Shasta. I ride that puppy for 2 hours while Dave followed in the truck. I might retire and become a redneck. It was fun today.

Fourth of July gathering with the Martin clan in the small old mill town where Dave’s parents grew up. Sweet, small, friendly, walkable town with Mt Shasta in view, lakes, fishing, volcanic caves, tunnels etc. mountains of pumice and obsidian. The ice in the cave was only 15-20 ft from the 90 degree surface. Others found bigger and deeper caves—all out by Medicine Lake.

San Salvador with many reminders of the war. When the death squads of the U.S. supported right wing government killed the beloved priest Romero when saying mass on Easter morning, the revolution got a martyr and many more active opponents. The civil war ratcheted up many notches.
The museum of anthropology is fabulous and deserving of several hours. We had barely enough time to read the signs in English and Spanish. Enlightening.